Wednesday, June 8, 2011

God Bless Him for Trying..but...

Men, please read the following email sent to a woman (as a first email) on an online dating site. I truly feel bad for him, because he sounds like a good guy. Poor guy, he's just saying waaaay too much, it's all about him, it's clear he never even read her profile and it's obviously a "cut and paste" job that he sends out to every lady. So read his email below and take heed!

"nibbling on sponge cake...watching the sun bake....

"nibbling on sponge cake...watching the sun bake...all the tourists covered with oil"...
that's me an island boy...just did a gig in Key West, Florida...singing tropical songs...
I'm Matt, my profession is an architecture, I'm a lead designer in a major LA architectural firm...
I'm what everyone calls a 'creative'. I'm a song writer, poet and artist. In fact all those three come out
in my designs. smile. I'm putting together a benefit for a horse rescue late June so I'm working
on the song list for the evening of wine, food and should be a lot of fun...talking to a lot of my musician
and singer friends to volunteer for a good cause.
Driven but easy going...strange combination...most people just view the easy going part...but a lot gets accomplished
this life is way too short to waste it. Have begun to show my paintings...just did a small show in Soho, NY. People were
great and to paint people...very figurative in my art. Published my first two children's books last fall
and they are now available on Amazon...funny my kids had no clue I was going to do a series of tales I used to tell them as kids. They had a bang when they found dedicated the book to them...they were tickled.
I've been other way to say it...5 gorgeous and talented grown kids...I love my my hobbies...
still I want to find that special someone to explore with and live this fun life.
Have fun this week...I am.

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