Monday, July 23, 2012

Crucial Dating Advice for Men

Guys, if you are like most of the men I deal with, then you want the best of the best when it comes to women. Right? Right.
So, let me be straight with you, so you can be ready for your “A” game. Remember this is a VERY competitive game, my friend, so if you aren’t willing to do the work, you’ll never win the prize.

Now, here are the crucial nuts and bolts of  what it takes to get the girl.

  1. Manners. Yes, believe it or not practically EVERY woman I talk to, says manners will get her attention. A guy who is polite, kind and considerate is already one step ahead of the game.
  1. Call for a date (no texting)

  1. Have a creative, fun plan.  We hate it when you say, “I don’t know, what would you like to do?” Uuugggghh, we want a man, who knows how to take care of us and that starts with being able to create a plan for a date. And DO NOT ask a girl to a movie before you are in an established relationship. Also, come up with something more interesting and interactive than “just dinner”. The more creative the date, the better you chances of “sealing the deal”.

  1. Finally, whatever you do, DON’T make a move on us too soon. Nothing will “kill the deal” faster than if you make a move before we want you to. In fact, if you’re really smart and you play your cards right, you should wait until she is practically begging you to make a move. And she will, IF you kill her with kindness, aren’t too needy (by texting or calling too much), take the lead and have great date ideas (so you appear in charge and manly) and you’re not too forward.

And for all you guys out there who think that a girl will take advantage of you if you do those things, here is how to tell the difference in a girl who likes you VS a girl who is just using you:

1)    She will look her best every time she sees you.

2)    She will ask you questions about you.

3)     She will be attentive and a little flirty with you.

So if you get those signals, keep playing your cards right and don’t give up so easily. Men these days just give up WAY too easy and aren’t willing to put in the effort and be patient. But, I’m telling you, just keep repeating steps 1 thru 4 and be PATIENT and you WILL win the girl every time.


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