Sunday, December 23, 2007

What to do if you’re single on New Years Eve? 12/20/07 6:58 PM

Personally, I don’t really like to go out on New Years Eve. I, like many people, believe it is “amateur” night. It seems most people feel that they HAVE to go out and have fun on the last night of year. I have never understood this and have also never really had a great time on New Years Eve. O.k., maybe once…or twice. I think trying to “force” a fun New Years Eve never works.
But, there are a few alternatives to just sitting at home alone. If you don't want to ring in the New Year all by your lonesome, then you are going to HAVE to be proactive!

The first step:

Start calling all of your friends, in fact, even call those friends that you’ve lost touch with..or a friend that you may have had a falling out with in the past. This is the perfect time of year to reconnect and say hi. Who knows they might end up inviting you to join them for New Years or if they don’t have plans, it’s the perfect opportunity to get together and see each other.

Now…for part two:

O.K. you’ve called some single friends and none of you have anything to do on New Years Eve….

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Have a small dinner party…where each of your friends brings along another single guy or girl. Everyone can each bring a dish and a beverage to share with the group.

2. Try something new….that you and your friends would never normally do. Maybe it’s the opera, the ballet, a magic club, mystery dinner theatre.

3. A white elephant party, where everyone brings the worst gift they received for Christmas to exchange for someone else’s bad gift.

4. Have a wine tasting and dessert tasting. Each person can bring their favorite wine or dessert to share.

There are many ways to enjoy New Years Eve….the best way is to be safe and don’t over do it.

And if you are alone this New Years Eve, here are my favorite things to do.

Treat yourself to an extravagant dinner at home, rent your favorite movies and sip champagne. I usually like a quiet New Years Eve, I like to reflect on the past year and make exciting plans for the new year ahead. I go to bed early and wake up the first day of the new year..refreshed and ready and not hung over.

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Chris said...

I'm going to a New Year's Eve party some friends are throwing. It's a big party with a few singles, but mostly married couples. Should I bring a girl I've only gone on a couple dates with? Will she be overwhelmed with all the new faces, or uncomfortable meeting a bunch of my friends all at once?

Gina said...

Well, there's nothing wrong with inviting her. It is up to her if she will feel uncomfortable around a bunch of strangers. I think she should take it as a compliment that you want to introduce her to your friends. Go ahead and ask her, leave the descision up to her!

African Lady said...

I haven't tried this one. Mostly when New Year's Eve I would spend it with my family and cousins. Our grandparents would always told us that it's better to celebrate New Year with a complete members of the family. I've tried being single while celebrating the New Year's Eve and I feel fine about it. Anyways as long as I'm with my loved ones I'll be happy and contented with it.